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Put Your Staff and Customers at Ease with Ongoing Disinfecting During the Day

Some companies are slowly reopening their offices and facilities. Many businesses that provide essential services have continued to operate every day, sometimes around the clock. In both cases, uneasiness about COVID-19 is common, even if the company is following all safety guidelines. To overcome these concerns, organizations in a wide range of industries are contacting … Continued

Why Businesses Are Demanding Electrostatic Disinfecting for COVID-19

Since the beginning of the pandemic, researchers have improved how they test, diagnose, and treat patients and how to keep the virus from spreading. One critical piece of the puzzle has been the optimization of cleaning and disinfecting, especially in commercial facilities. Electrostatic sprayers were actually invented about 80 years ago. Back then, they were … Continued

How Healthcare Systems Benefit from Partnering with One Cleaning Company for Multiple Locations

EnviroClean has partnered with several large healthcare systems to provide janitorial and facility services for a number of geographically dispersed medical facilities and offices. These healthcare systems strongly prefer to contract with a single cleaning company rather than multiple vendors for multiple facilities. The advantages can be summed up in three Cs – cost savings, … Continued